Smartphones have become a major requirement for everyone these days. They are playing a vital role in everyday lifestyle.

No matter you are going to locate a new address or even order your dinner, smartphones are offering great services efficiently these days.

Above all, smartphones are the principal source of entertainment now a days and not limited to just making a call or sending text messages.

Smartphones offer plenty of applications for various purposes no matter if it is running on iOS, Android or Windows operating system.

There are applications available such as Cartoon HD, Facetime and Popcorn Time that provide us excellent source of entertainment everyday. Whenever you want to watch your favorite TV series or latest movie, you can just watch it on your smartphone.

We will discuss about the Cartoon HD App and its advantages in this article and also you will get information about Popcorn time and Facetime in our website.
We are going to share all the details on Cartoon HD App, how to install Cartoon HD App on your Android phone or iPhone and also how to install Cartoon HD App on your PC.


So let us start by introducing you with Cartoon HD App and Cartoon HD App features.

All The Basics You Should Know About Cartoon HD App

The first question that comes to mind is just how did you learn about Cartoon HD APK? Did you see some of your friends installing it or using it or just came by searching on the intertnet? Cartoon HD APK has become a leading trend in entertainment apps around the world because of its excellent features. So if you have been looking for an app that will provide you all sorts of latest TV series and movies for your daily entertainment purpose, Cartoon HD APK is the right choice for you and you can run it on Android or iPhone systems.

Cartoon HD App For Watching TV Shows And Movies Online Free

Cartoon HD App is one of the most popular application these days that offers you lots of movies and TV series right on your Android Smartphone or iPhone. Also if you want you can install the app on your Windows PC and Smart TV for having a better wider screen option. The best thing about Cartoon HD App is it offers all the movies in HD quality though you also have the option to select your desired video quality anytime. Mostly all movies are in 720p, 1080p, and 360p for low-end devices which have less RAM and graphics but all you need to take care of is; you Android version must be above 2.3 Gingerbread.

The Most Advanced Features That You Get In Cartoon HD App Only

You may always ask that why should you download the Cartoon HD APK while there are so many similar applications available such as Showbox, Facetime, HotStar, Popcorn Time, Vidmate, etc.? To answer this question, take a look at the awesome features Cartoon HD App offers:

  • Cartoon HD App offers the unique option to stream Movies n HD even with a slow internet connection.
  • They offer the largest collection of latest and old movies, TV shows and videos to watch on your smartphone or on your PC.
  • This awesome app offers excellent user friendly interface that users love most.
  • Very clean and easy to manage app, you can just easily navigate throughout the system without any hassle.
  • The best option with the recently updated Cartoon HD Application is now you can even watch 3D movies.
  • Cartoon HD App is available in Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry operating systems.
  • They offer an option to even download videos.
  • The videos are available in 360p, 480p, 720p HD and 1080p Full HD.

Now you know the great features of the awesome Cartoon HD App. However, this application is not available to download from Google Play Store to your Android device. You will have to follow some special steps to download and install Cartoon HD APK on your Android device which we will discuss shortly. Let us explain why the Cartoon HD App is removed from the Google Play Store.

The way Cartoon HD App works is a little different. It just keeps searching and adding movies and videos from various sources around the internet and shows them inside the app. However, many of these sources are not allowed legally so in other words, you can say that Cartoon HD App offers pirated content to the viewers which is against the terms and conditions of Google Play Store and they have removed the app from their play store. Though you don’t have to worry as we have other ways to install in on your Android device by downloading Cartoon HD APK file.

Download And Install Cartoon HD App For Android Smartphones

Download Cartoon HD App For Android Smartphones

Step 1: Go to device settings

Go to the Device Settings section in your device and search for “Unknown Sources” option under Privacy and Security Settings. Note, this “Unknown Sources” settings location can be different on different devices.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources

You will now have to enable the “Unknown Sources” option from Privacy and Security Settings. This option will be disabled by default. When it is disabled, your system will not allow you to install any external applications other than Google Play Store. As we are going to install Cartoon HD APK from external sources, we will have to enable this option.

Follow this path to enable the option: Device Settings » Privacy & Security Settings » Unknown Sources » Enable

Follow this path to enable the option: Device Settings » Privacy & Security Settings » Unknown Sources » Enable
Download And Install Cartoon HD App For Android Smartphones

Step 3: Download Cartoon HD APK File

Once you have enabled the “Unknown Sources”, the device is ready to install any application from external sources. Now we are going to install the Cartoon HD APK file directly on our Android device. Now download the APK file from the link below.

Download Cartoon HD APK For Android

Step 4: Open File Explorer

After downloading of the Cartoon HD APK is completed, open the file manager and locate the application file. Click on the Cartoon HD APK file and just follow the instructions to complete the installation. It is a very easy job you can complete by just clicking next until installation is completed.

Step 5: Find Cartoon HD Icon in Apps Manager

After the installation of Cartoon HD APK is completed on your device, click on the Cartoon HD APP icon to open the application.

Step 6: Search for Your Favorite Movie

Now you are ready to search and watch your favorite TV series and movies free on your Android device. Just type the movie or TV series name in the search bar and the results will show up in a second, click on the desired search result and select your desired video quality, that’s it. Enjoy watching!

Download and Install Cartoon HD APP on PC and Watch Movies on Wider Screen

Many of you may have already tried installing Cartoon HD App on your Windows computer, but unfortunately this application is not available officially for PC. However, we can easily complete this task with the help of some popular Android Emulators that will act as a virtual Android device. So if you are eager to learn how to install Cartoon HD APK on your windows PC and watch unlimited movies and TV series, the next section will satisfy your needs.

Download and Install Cartoon HD App for Windows PC

Please follow the step by step instructions shown below to install Cartoon HD App on PC.

Step 1: Download an Android Emulator

Open your favorite browser on your PC and search for “BlueStacks App Player” on Google and download the setup file. BlueStacks App Player is one of the most popular and easy to use Android Emulator that helps you to turn your Windows PC into a APK file player.

Step 2: Install BlueStacks App Player

After you have downloaded the “BlueStacks App Player”, start installation. Once the download is complete just go to the download location and click on the setup file. Accept the term and conditions and following the on screen instructions until the installation is completed.

Step 3: Launch BlueStacks App Player

BlueStacks App Player

Start the BlueStacks App Player and update the framework and Google Play Store. When you will start it first time, it will automatically update with all necessary database. Login into the BlueStack App Player with your Google Account and this will enable you to install Apps from Google Play Store directly.

Step 4: Download Cartoon HD APK File

Once you have completed the above steps, your PC is ready to install your Cartoon HD App. Download the Cartoon HD APK file from the link below and open it in the BlueStacks App Player.

Step 5: Open Cartoon HD in BlueStacks App Menu

Finally, you are ready to start the Cartoon HD App on your PC. Go to the apps menu of BlueStacks Android Emulator and start the Cartoon HD Application. It will work just like you are playing the application on an Android Device. Go to the search, enter your desired move or TV show title, the search results will show up in a second, click on your desired result and select the video quality you would like to play with. We recommend choosing 720p or 1080p to watch the movie or video in high-quality.

Download and Install Cartoon HD App for iPhone

Thousands of iPhone users are searching for an option to download and install Cartoon HD App on their iOS operating system. But unfortunately the Cartoon HD App is not officially available to download on iOS but there is a trick using which you can install the app on iPhone. You can install it on your iPhone using iSmarphones but still if you don’t want to trick your iPhone, you can check the other alternative options. Here are some of the options available for iPhone 5s/6/7 users to install Cartoon HD APK on their device.

Download and Install Cartoon HD App for iPhone

If you already have a JailBroken iphone device, then you can quickly download and install Cartoon HD App by following these steps below.

Step 1: Change Date Settings on Device

First you will have to modify your device time from the settings options. Go to the date and time settings, change the date to 1st January 2014 or any previous date.

Step 2: Install Cartoon HD App iOS Version in Safari Browser

Go to the link below and click the install button.

Download Cartoon HD APK For Android

Step 3: Open Apps menu on iPhone

When the installation is completed, your device is ready with Cartoon HD App. Click the Cartoon HD App icon on your iPhone and start watching your favorite Movies and TV shows for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cartoon HD App Illegal?

To be exact, the Cartoon HD App is illegal. This is one of the most asked questions about Cartoon HD App. However, the officials claim that all the videos they offer on Cartoon HD App is scraped from various sources around the internet and these are hosted on different servers not owned by Cartoon HD App. So technically the Cartoon HD App users are not responsible for any trouble and anything happens, the sole responsibility goes to developers of Cartoon HD App.

Can I Install Cartoon HD APK on Blackberry Devices?

The answer to this question is YES! We can install Cartoon HD Apk on Blackberry devices too. In fact, the installation process is almost similar to Android devices. We have a separate detailed article on this with complete installation process for Blackberry and other devices like Amazon FireTV, Kodi Smart TV, and Roku devices.

Is it Safe to use Cartoon HD App?

Well, the answer to this question not that much straightforward but if you are asking because of any legal action against it then don’t worry- the sole responsibility is going to app developers. You won’t get into any trouble because it has almost 50millions users who installed the Apk on Android and other devices.

Safety Guideline For Installing Cartoon HD APK

If you are currently downloading Cartoon HD APK from any unknown Source beware. Be sure that you are downloading the APK document from a source that is trustworthy, and I suggest you to scan the APK file before installing. Total Virus is on the best virus scanner available in the web so use it to scan all kind of files and when you are confirm it is clean, install it. The APK file provided by us is tested and safe to use.

Can I Download Pictures?

Yes! You can download. You can watch on line any videos from internet and also can be downloading the videos using this program. It takes tapping “Videos” tab on with the movie and then tap download icon to download the video.


Cartoon HD APK is one of the best choice for movie fans who wants to watch movies and TV shows using their Android device or on TV. Now you have a complete idea on how you can install Cartoon HD APK on your Android device or TV or iPhone. So install Cartoon HD App and start enjoying unlimited movies and TV shows.