It’s not always that we have TV around to watch cartoons which kids like the most. Thanks to the technology boon and the discovery of “Cartoon HD App” which helps in watching the same TV shows, movies, and cartoons that kids like to watch, on any android phone, tablet, or on an iPad.

Like Cartoon Hd App, there are many apps available which are capable of playing TV shows, movies, cartoons etc. But not all are free.

Cartoon HD App is developed in such a way that it consists of all the channels that a kid desires to watch on the go with an easy to use interface.

Talking about the compatibility of the Cartoon HD App, it works on whatever device you own, be it an Android, iOS, Blackberry, or even a Kindle Fire.

It consists of a simple interface which can be understood by anyone. All the Cartoon shows are categorized into collections to choose from. Don’t find the desired TV show in the collection, there’s a universal search bar on the top to search for it.

The Cartoon HD App is being used by many people all around the globe. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping, driving, or in any public place and your kid or baby is not co-operating or misbehaving. May be all they want to do is watch cartoons. You can just slide out your phone and play their favorite cartoon, the best way to keep them calm, eh?

It is not just for kids, you too can enjoy watching the top IMDB movies from the collections and other TV series! So, it’s the ease of the app that is helping its way to be one of the best Cartoon streaming apps.

The app comes in different formats for the four different operating systems, i.e, Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, and Kindle Fire OS. However, the app has been taken down from the Google Play Store, and from all other app stores. It is also removed from it’s official website.

But don’t worry, here we have the APK file for all operating systems to help you enjoy this App.

How To Install The App?

Beginning with Android, as the app has been removed from the Play Store we offer you the download link for Cartoon HD APK. We’re gonna go through the sideload method which is actually installing the app manually. (You don’t need to root your device for this).

First, after downloading the APK file from the link provided, go to the Settings and scroll down to the Security section where you’ll need to enable installing apps from Unknown Sources.

Next, navigate back to the APK file folder, open the APK file and click on install. This is it, now you just need to open the app and you are all set to enjoy the streaming of the favorite cartoon shows.

Next up is iOS, also for which you don’t need to jailbreak your device. But sadly, few of the iOS versions do not support this method. All in all, you can give it a try.

Firstly, you need to set the date on your iOS device to 1st August 2014. For that, just go to the Settings / General Settings / Date & Time and change the date. (You don’t have to change the time).

Now, open Safari browser and download the Cartoon HD file from here. Now, open the file and press Install. The first time you open the app, you will receive an Untrusted App Developer push request, just press on Trust and you’re all set to go and enjoy HD Cartoons, Movies, and TV Series for free.

Now you can set back the date to automatic. If you are receiving the “Unable to Download App – “Cartoon HD” could not be installed at this time.” error message, this means that your iOS version doesn’t support and you will need to jailbreak your iOS device.

You can Jailbreak your iOS device from the tutorials online. After finishing it, just open Cydia and go to the Sources tab. Press on edit, then press Add and add the below URL.

Press on Done and open the dtathemes Repo. Then press dta-apps and go to Cartoon HD V2. Now press install and then press Confirm.

Once the installation is complete, the app is available to stream a variety of cartoons, anime, movies, and TV series in HD.

For The BlackBerry Users

Firstly download the Cartoon HD file from the link given on your BlackBerry 10 phone or Tablet. This process works for the BlackBerry devices running OS version 10.2 or higher, including the Z10, Z30, Q5, Q10, 9982, 9983, Passport, and later.

Now, go to the Settings / App Manager / Install Apps and enable Installing apps from other sources.

Now go back to the downloaded file on your device, open it and install Cartoon HD. And that is it, you are now set to enjoy the Cartoon HD services.

For The Kindle Fire Users

You will also have to install the app through a sideloading process. To install, you don’t need any kind of root access. It’s a simple process it will work for all Kindle Versions. Fire tablet or phone including the 1st gen, HD, HDX, Fire tablets, and the Amazon Fire Phone.

First, you will have to download the Cartoon HD app file from the link provided. Then, on your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD device, go to the Settings / Devices / and enable Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources

For the Kindle Fire HDX, Fire Tablet, and Amazon Fire Phone go to Settings / Security / and enable Apps from unknown sources.

Once the above process is done, navigate back to the downloaded file, open it and click on Install. That is it, you are now all set to use the app.

The Cartoon HD App is one of the universal apps available for all the platforms. Other than that, you have many other alternatives such as Mobdro and Popcorn Time to stream your favorite movies and TV series.

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